The Physical Affiliate Review

The Physical Affiliate

The Physical Affiliate training programme [now renamed, The Proven Income Method] is a new course aimed decidedly at those with little or no experience in online marketing. It is the creation of Jan Roos who has produced a very simple, step-by-step, easy to follow scheme in print and video. The Physical Affiliate’s focus is specifically on working as an affiliate to (selling products advertised on Amazon for commission,) but the principles established are applicable to all internet marketing.

Jan’s own story is one of rags to riches. After spending several years achieving nothing marketing online – apart from accumulating debt – he relatively recently started selling physical products (as opposed to information products, like training courses!) as an affiliate for sites like He is now earning over $5,000 per month!

Jan talks the student through how to choose hot products to promote, how to set up a website to promote the products, how to write the review which will appear on your website and which will drive the buyers to Amazon, and how to promote your website so as it appears as near the number one spot in Google as possible, and much more.


The Physical Affiliate Video Overview


The Physical Affiliate Features and Specifications

  • 21 Page PDF outlining the course
  • 14 Video Modules that shows Jan researching, building and promoting a brand new Amazon review site
  • Under each video module there is a comments section where you can ask any questions you have regarding that particular module
  • Jan reveals 2 of his own money making sites as examples for the student to inspect and replicate


The Physical Affiliate Reviews

The Physical Affiliate is more of a system to follow than a training course. It is as simple a model for the newbie to follow as you will find online. Jan has a very pleasant way with him, he explains everything in plain, straight forward terms, and provides a model which even the most inexperienced can believe is “do-able.” He also provides direction on how to accomplish just about everything using either paid for methods or free alternatives.

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One major strength of The Physical Affiliate is the sense that you are looking over Jan’s shoulder as he produces one of his sites. He leads the viewer through all the stages involved. Along with a second site Jan points us to these sites provide a template for the beginner to follow.

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