Niche Blitzkrieg Review

Niche Blitzkrieg

The, perhaps unfortunately named, Niche Blitzkrieg programme is a combination of written tutorials, videos and a support forum aimed specifically at the newbie. It is the creation of Michael Brown who has been described as one of the nice guys in internet marketing, a world in which there are more than a few sharks, and the forum, which is an essential component of the course, is administered by John Mann, another well known and respected name in this field.

Niche Blitzkrieg focuses on “affiliate marketing” (selling other people’s products.) It takes the completely inexperienced beginner through the process of selecting a market, product(s), getting a domain name (website address), building a website and promoting it on the search engines like Google.

The strengths of the course are: in the structure of the tutorials – the way in which it is broken down into easy to manage steps so that you can go back to a specific topic easily or if you already have experience in a particular area you can skip a section; the detailed, comprehensive nature of the tutorials, including the very helpful videos; and the online forum which offers help and support as you seek to implement the tutorials and build your own niche websites.

As Michael Brown says in his intro to the course:

“Thousands of people struggle day in and day out to make a solid income. While others get frustrated and simply throw their hands up in surrender and are stuck in their 9-5 J.O.B. for life … It's actually simple to make money online with the right tools and direction but most people will never get that far. … But, you've tried all these other products, get rich schemes, gimmicks and have gotten nowhere.”

”Most products created to help teach people how to make money online are not geared toward people who have never tried to make money online.  These types of products will simply just frustrate and confuse you.”

”What if a solid solution does exist?  A solution that will save you time and make you money?  A solution that would allow you to build a Niche Empire and quit your job within a year?  The same way I did…

..And what if it was so simple, that someone with absolutely no online marketing or money making experience could do it?  Yep, even inexperienced dads, moms and grandmothers could make money with this.”

This Solution Does Exist – Introducing….Niche Blitzkrieg.”


Niche Blitzkrieg Video Overview


Niche Blitzkrieg Features and Specifications

  • Over 100 Pages of Content and Learning.
  • 12 Step by Step Instructional Videos.
  • 19 Lessons within This Powerful System.
  • 5 mini Courses within the Main Course to Make the Step by Step Instructions Even Easier.
  • Over 90 Screen Shots! 
  • Private Forums for Every Mini Course for Laser Targeted Help.  
  • A Complete Profit and Training System.
  • Also a Bonus for Complete Newbies to Using Blogs as Commercial Sites.
  • Lifetime Access and Updates to Niche Blitzkrieg.  


Niche Blitzkrieg Reviews

There are quite a number of reviews online for the Niche Blitzkrieg system and the overwhelming majority are positive in their praise of the course. The course creator Michael S. Brown is well respected in the internet marketing community and anything he produces appears to be well received.

I myself started with the Niche Blitzkrieg course, so I know of what I speak. I found it an excellent introduction to all the concepts connected with affiliate marketing and the tutorials were all easy to follow walk throughs on how to accomplish each of the tasks. As I already had experience of website development I also appreciated the option to skip that particular step.

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We have no reservation whatsoever in recommending the Niche Blitzkrieg programme as long as the reader understands that this course is very targeted toward the newbie, the inexperienced affiliate marketer, and it has a relatively narrow focus, namely affiliate marketing, although this is in no way a weakness as this is where any newbie should cut their teeth in internet marketing.

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